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SATURDAYS | 1:30PM - 3:30PM


Think you have nothing to say? Think again! Your unique stories hold power and Staging Stories will help you tell them to the world. This new 8 week drama program is suitable for young people aged 12-16 years. The group will be led on an exciting journey, exploring the craft of theatre making and different approaches to devising it. Each week will consist of exercises and improvisations designed to develop confidence in each participant’s ability to creatively tell their own stories.

Under the guidance of a trained and experienced facilitator, you will be supported and challenged, while developing physical and vocal confidence. Work will be created in pairs, groups and as solo performers, resulting in performance for friends and family.

As a result of completing these fun and explorative workshops, you will gain confidence, be inspired, learn new forms of self-expression, and deepen your understanding of the craft of storytelling. Participation in these workshops does not require prior training or experience in performance. It’s the perfect place to start your journey!


Tickets: $120 for 8 sessions


Dates: 11, 18, 25 May / 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 June 

Session Time: 1:30PM - 3:30PM

Duration: 2 hour

Age Suitability / ClassificationAges 12 - 16 

Capacity: 15

Facilitator: Zoe Tomaras 


Term 2 Week by Week Overview


Week 1 | 11/5/19

 Introduction | Ice-breakers | Ensemble building/working as a team | What is acting? What is theatre making | Intro to performance techniques and devising | Discuss potential themes, stories, links | Freedom, play, trust, instinct - creative play. Outcome: Ensemble work, trust (in self and others), creativity


Week 2 | 18/5/19

Warm-up (physical and vocal) | Focus exercise | Exploring devising strategies (Viewpoints, Anne Bogart) | Basic stagecraft terminology (up/downstage, wings, etc.) | Basic rules of Improvisation (yes, and…) | Creating scenes. Outcome: Skills in devising, narrative structure, stagecraft, improvisation


Week 3 | 25/5/19

Warm-up (physical and vocal) | Focus exercise | Physical theatre | Improvisation extension | Structuring scenes | Writing/scripting for performance. Outcome: Writing for stage, structuring scenes


Week 4 | 1/6/19

Warm-up (physical and vocal) | Focus exercise | Creative development of scenes | Start working on solos. Outcome: Learn about dramatic structure, confidence in solo work, development of creative process


Week 5 | 8/6/19

Warm-up (physical and vocal) |Focus exercise|Creative development of scenes |Watching and giving feedback of scenes. Outcome: Positive constructive criticism (give and receive)


Week 6 | 15/6/19

Warm-up (physical and vocal) | Focus exercise | Creating a running order | Dramaturgy - what is it? Discuss dramaturgical sense of performances | Feedback sessions. Outcome: Receiving direction, refining work, dramaturgy


Week 7 | 22/6/19

Warm-up (physical and vocal) | Focus exercises | Creative development of scenes | Watching and giving feedback of scenes | Run the piece, and receive feedback from teacher/peers. Outcome: Rehearsal process, working under direction


Week 8 | 29/6/19

 Warm-up (physical and vocal) | Focus exercise|Rehearse work | PERFORMANCE | Debrief performance. Outcome: Confidence and connection with the group, communication skills and pride in creation of self-devised work