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TIME: 2-4pm 

Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre and South West Sydney Cancer Therapy Centre proudly present the third Bravery Unmasked initiative. Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre has a strong history of community partnerships which facilitate creative engagement as a conduit for wellbeing. The relationship between Arts and Health provides a strong avenue in which the community supports and explores a holistic perspective of health, encompassing the individual in social context alongside any diagnosis received.


The radiation mask is a necessary restriction for head and neck cancer treatment and serves as a symbol for the experience of cancer. Each mask is moulded to individual patients. Bravery Unmasked engages creativity to explore the impact of cancer from the perspective of those diagnosed as well as carers, family and friends.  Healing is multi-faceted; whilst the medical system provides the necessary equipment and support to heal physically, responding to the mask allows the participants to create a new story around cancer.


Manipulation of the mask as an object; painting, cutting away and covering the features, enables participants to communicate the experience using a visual voice.


All money from the sale of masks in the exhibition will be donated to the SWS Cancer Therapy Centre, Liverpool.